The Principalship – The First Three Years

Dr. Mark Wilson
When:    10/15/14 (This is Day One. Participants may choose their Day Two from:
             February 10th OR February 11, 2015.
Where:   DAY ONE: Bartow County College and Career Academy
             DAY TWO (South): New Hope Learning Center (Paulding County)
             DAY TWO (North): Walker County Advancing Education Center (AEC)
What:    Dr. Mark Wilson, National Principal of the Year, will assist principals in their school-level work and in successfully implementing statewide initiatives. This two day session will focus on:Georgia Leader Keys Effectiveness System; Tiered Certification; Professional Learning; Effective School Leadership; Research-Based Strategies for Effective School Leaders; Practical Applications of the Principalship; Developing a Positive School Culture;                                 What Effective Principals Do. October 15, 2014 is Day One. Day Two may be taken on                                     February 10, 2015 at New Hope Learning Center in Paulding County OR February 11, 2015 at                              the Walker AEC in Walker County.
                                    Cost*: $75/$150/$200
*Additional Session / NW RESA Members / Outside RESA Members

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