Small Group Coaching

Mike Rutherford
Mike Rutherford   

When/Where:   9/9/15 at Battlefield Elementary/Catoosa OR
                          9/10/15 at Burnt Hickory Elementary/Paulding
What:   Small group coaching is, essentially, using Reflective Planning with a small group of teachers rather than an individual teacher.
Purpose/Rationale: Small group coaching increases efficiency since it affects multiple teachers at the same time. It also increases depth and quality of thought since it is a collaborative exercise instead of an individual one.
Intended Effect: To develop teachers and teaching through small group/collaborative experiences.
When to and when not to: The coaching structures best suited for small group applications are reflective planning and instructional coaching.

Applicable LKES Standards: (1) Instructional Leadership, (2) School Climate, (6) Teacher/Staff Evaluation, (7) Professionalism 

Cost*: $125/$150/$200
*Additional Session / NW RESA Members / Outside RESA Members

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