Human Resources Management – Spring Session

      Pam Hamilton
When:     2/24/15 - New Hope Learning Center (Paulding) OR
              2/26/15 - Walker County Advancing Education Center (AEC)
Where:   Northwest Georgia RESA, Rome GA
What:    The spring HR session includes a brief review of concepts introduced in the fall (2013) session. However, it differs from the summer (2014) session in that the focus is shifted to personnel issues that confront school leaders primarily in the second half of the school year as they contemplate staffing decisions for the upcoming school year. Participants will review and discuss law, policies, and communication strategies as applied to personnel who are unable or unwilling to fulfill their professional responsibilities. Participants will also examine "best practice" hiring activities that go beyond the standard job interview. School leaders will examine how to maximize their time when filling a vacancy, by successfully screening, interviewing, and selecting the best candidate.

Cost*: $75/$150/$200
*Additional Session / NW RESA Members / Outside RESA Members

February 24, 2015 Session
February 26, 2015 Session