Habitudes for Communicators: The Art of Engaging Communication

Who:      Dr. Tim Elmore
When:     5/1/14
Where:   Bartow County College and Career Academy
What:    In the Habitudes for Communicators: The Art of Engaging Communication you will learn: how to captivate even young audiences with your message, how to walk listeners through the mental "seasons" of a presentation, and how to feel poised from start to finish during your delivery. Dr. Tim Elmore will share with participants how to get your point across in a matter of minutes and how to engage people at the heart level and foster life-change. Participants will learn how to craft the stages of a message which will prepare listeners to act and how to motivate listeners to "own" your message.  

Cost*: $75/$150/$200
*Additional Session / NW RESA Members / Outside RESA Members