Better Conversations Through Coaching

Debra Harden
Debra Harden  
When:   South Session: 2/9/17
             North Session: 2/23/17
Where:  SOUTH SESSION - New Hope Learning Center/Paulding County OR
             NORTH SESSION - Walker County Advancing Education Center (AEC)
What:   Communication is central to school improvement. Effective leaders understand the value of excellent interpersonal communication skills and the potential disastrous effects of missteps.Dr. Jim Knight, author of Better Conversations asserts that our schools are only as good as the conversations within them. Whether working with peers, teachers, parents or administrators, leaders need the self-awareness and self-management skills to accurately read situations and respond appropriately. In order to ensure communication is a two-way street, it is essential for leaders to master the art of giving and receiving feedback. The goals for this workshop include:

1. Reviewing the Better Conversations Improvement Cycle;
2. Examining the 10 Habits for transforming the quality of dialogue taking place in schools;
3. Coaching ourselves and others to become better communicators;
4. Learning and demonstrating skills that lead to better conversations including;
a. Fostering dialogue
b. Listening with empathy
c. Finding common ground
d. Building trust
5. Developing an action plan for Better Conversations

Cost*: $150/$175/$225
*Additional Session / NW RESA Members / Outside RESA Members

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