Strands and Sessions


Strand One: Nuts and Bolts of Leadership

  • Operational Legal Issues (LKES Standards 4,6,7) (South and North)

  • Human Resources Management (LKES Standards 2,5,6) (South and North)

  • Human Resources - Recruitment, Induction, and Vetting (LKES Standards 2,5,6) (February - Register)
  • Human Resources - Recruitment, Induction, and Vetting (LKES Standards 2,5,6) (March - Register)

Strand Two: Leadership Development and Networking

  • Metrics for CCRPI- An Ever Changing Landscape (LKES Standards 2,3,6) (North and South)

  • Personal Professional Planning (LKES Standards 1-8) (South and North)

3 Part Series for COHORT II - Participants new to PLC
  • Pt. 1 - Necessary Steps to Create the Culture for Effective PLCs (LKES Standards 1-8) (South and North)

  • Pt. 2 - Developing the Structure and Capacity at My School to Operate Effective PLCs                         (LKES Standards 1-8) (South and North)

  • Pt. 3 - The Professional Learning Community Operational – Now What? (LKES Standards 1-8)            (South and North)

3 Part Series for COHORT I - Continuation of PLCs from FY16-17
  • Pt. 1 - Exemplary Teachers and PLCs: Connecting Teacher Growth and Student Achievement Through PLCs (LKES Standard 8) (South and North)

  • Pt. 2 - Functional or Dysfunctional?  Examining Teams That Work and Teams That Struggle                 (LKES Standards 1-8) (South and North)
  • Pt. 3 - Built to Last: Developing PLCs That Extend Beyond The Initial Emphasis                                  (LKES Standards 1-8) (South and North)
Strand Three: The Poverty Puzzle
  • Piece One - National Perspective on Poverty - HOPE: Helping Organizations & Agencies Promote Engagement (LKES Standards 1,2,3,7,8) (Register)
  • Piece Two - Georgia Perspective of Poverty and Strategies for Success - One of a Kind Student Success Center/Graduate Marietta (LKES Standards 1,2,3,4,7,8) (Register)

  • Piece Three - EdCamp - Catalysts for Conversations on Poverty - Networking for Solutions                  (LKES Standards 2,4,5,7,8) (South and North)
  • Piece Four - Poverty and the Brain (Register)

  • Additional Session / Topic to be Identified* Early Literacy (Register)

Strand Four: Innovation in Real Time  
  • The Wheels on the Bus Go Round Turning Ideas into Student-Centered Solutions
      with Focus on Innovation, Technology, STEM/STEAM. (LKES Standards 1-8)                                   Register for your tour/s below!

  • North Tour - September (Register)
      Dade, Catoosa, Dalton City, Chickamauga City, Walker, Trion City, Chattooga

  • Central Tour - November (Register)
      Gordon, Calhoun City, Floyd, Rome City, Polk, Haralson

  • South Tour - January (Register)
      Paulding, Bremen City, Bartow, Cartersville City

NOTE: Priority is given to Principals' Center members upon course registration. Registration for non-members may be placed on hold temporarily.