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George Thompson

George G. Thompson is president and chief operating officer of the Schlechty Center. George joined the Center in 1995, serving as senior associate and vice president prior to his appointment as president in 2000.

Between 1995 and 1997 George and Phil Schlechty led teams that designed two signature networks, both of which launched in 1997: the Standard-Bearer School District Network and the Superintendents Leadership Network. These networks have been crucial to the development of common understandings, tools, and processes to support the transformation of public schools from bureaucracies into learning organizations.

George came to the Schlechty Center after 19 years of service with Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia, one of the largest high-growth school districts in the nation. George served there as elementary school principal, high school principal, administrative assistant to the superintendent, and superintendent from 1990 to1994. Prior to his work in Gwinnett County, George was a teacher and community school director with Atlanta Public Schools.

George is well known as a highly effective and engaging speaker with extensive experience using Schlechty Center frameworks and processes to support school and community leaders in their efforts toward district and school transformation. He is similarly known and greatly respected as an exceptional facilitator in support of the work of top-level district leaders, including superintendents, central office administrators, and boards of education.Although he doesn’t look old enough to play the part, he is also enjoying life as an enthusiastic and charmed grandfather—adding another dimension to what he already appreciates about youth, growth, and learning.