Pricing Information

Expanded Flexibility Plan 

Each seat purchased will represent nine sessions.  This is the same as in the past. 

For districts that purchase seats, each seat (nine sessions) will cost $1000.  School districts may choose to share seats among multiple participants in the system.

A template will be provided for districts to track participation.  Using the template is not a requirement.  The Principals’ Center will only track the number of sessions used by the district.  Example:  District “A” purchases 10 seats (one for every principal).  This purchase is for 90 sessions.  There will be no restriction on when or who in the district uses the purchased sessions.  District “A” may elect to send more than 10 participants to any one session, based on availability

Availability of seats is for a one-year duration from June until July with no “carryover” of funds.                                        



Seats for Nine Sessions:

$1000/seat* (nine sessions)

*Outside of NW RESA - $1550/seat (nine sessions) only if space available                                              

Single Sessions:

NW RESA Schools or Districts - $175/ single session
Outside of NW RESA - $225/ single session

All sessions include lunch for sessions longer than ½ day and snacks items for every session. Books and materials are provided.

The cost for a nine-session block (seat) in the NWGA RESA Principals' Center is $1000 per seat for districts. Contact Melissa Mathis ( with any questions. The superintendent and any district level personnel may attend any session at no cost but will be responsible for $10 lunch fee in addition to any fee for materials received.